Ensure Consistent Purity, Potency and Quality in Every Batch.

When it comes to producing market-leading extracts and concentrates, there is no room for error. Purity defines the product. In the process of distillation, however, the waste, contaminants and impurities contained within the biomass also become concentrated.

Trust our laser-precise testing methodologies to ensure your raw materials are pure, reliable and consistent, through and through.

Demonstrate a Commitment to Quality and Safety With Comprehensive Extract Testing.

With the increased scrutiny of cannabis vaping products, there is a growing concern about potentially harmful compounds and adulterants found in cannabis isolates and distillates. This creates an even greater testing burden for processors and end-use product makers.

If you’re a processor developing raw inputs, or a brand looking to corner the bespoke extracts market, it’s essential to thoroughly test the quality and purity of your cannabis concentrates.

The experts in our full-service labs are equipped to test all types of concentrates and extracts, both neat and in a range of carrier oils. In addition to the standard battery of tests including potency, pesticides and terpene profiling, our product development team works with you to customize a suite of testing services best suited to your unique product set.

To ensure your extracts maintain their consistency, potency and purity throughout their lifecycle, we also offer self-life and stability testing, water content and carrier oil analysis. See a full list of services available below.

Quality Always Wins

Go beyond the required Health Canada testing standards to win the attention and loyalty of today’s demanding consumers.


HC Standards
  • Potency
  • Micro
  • Pesticides
  • Metals
  • Residual Solvents


HC Standards +
  • Self-Stability
  • Constituent & Impurity Testing
  • Cannabinoid Profile
  • Terpene Profile
  • Water Content


HC Standards ++
  • Foreign Matter
  • Mycotoxin
  • Rancidity Testing
  • Viscosity

Extract and Concentrate testing is performed at LabsMart located in Edmonton Alberta.

If you’re developing innovative extraction technology or extraction matrices, our experts can provide the scientific intelligence you need to ensure you’re building a world-class portfolio of products.

Do you have questions about how our methods pair with your matrix?

Our experts work with you to optimize your matrix to our methods, saving you time and resources.