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Micro Series: Licensing & Testing 101

Accelerating Time to Market for Tobacco/Nicotine Products: A Deep Dive into MicroFlow® Flow Cytometry Micronucleus Assays

Learn how MicroFlow in vitro Micronucleus (ivMN) Assays optimize the product development lifecycle and accelerate time to market. Plus, see a comparative analysis of MicroFlow Assay results versus traditional manual counting methods.

Hosted by: Labstat, Litron Laboratories, & Chemular Regulatory Consulting

Micro Series: Licensing & Testing 101

PMTA State of the Union

Join noted tobacco policy expert, Jeff Stier, and moderator Dean Cirotta, President of EAS Consulting Group, for a town hall discussion on the state of the PMTA situation. Get an update on PMTA review status as well as FDA prioritization. Learn what signals FDA is sending based on letters received and how the current policy environment may drive enforcement.

Hosted by: Labstat & EAS Consulting Group

Labstat PMTA Deficiency letter webinar

PMTA Deficiency Letter Readiness and Response Preparation

Join Labstat’s Scientific Advisor, Dr. Willie J. McKinney, and Labstat President, Michael Bond for a discussion on how to prepare for and develop your response to a PMTA deficiency letter including understanding expected FDA testing requirements and turn-around times.

Hosted by: Labstat & EAS Consulting Group

Legacy to Legal: Is It Worth It? | Webinar
Legacy to Legal | Webinar Speakers Panel

Micro Series | Legacy to Legal: Is It Worth It?

Like the larger LPs, micro operations have to deal with licensing fees, security requirements, hiring staff and getting their product to market. So, with more than 600+ licensed cultivators and processors already active within the Canadian cannabis landscape, how do you successfully build and scale a micro operation to compete with the big players long term?

This lively and interactive panel discussion features experts from the industry that have been there and done that. Get firsthand tips and strategies for dealing with the regulator, building your team, developing your sales channels and so much more. Stick around after the panel discussion for an open Q&A and Networking sessions where you can meet other aspiring entrepreneurs and get some of your burning questions answered by the industry’s leading experts.

Hosted by: Labstat & CannDelta

Micro Series: Licensing & Testing 101

Micro Series | Inspections & Maintaining Compliance

When you’re running a business in a highly regulated market regular inspections and routine product testing become an integral part of your formal operations. Knowing when Health Canada might knock on your door, and how to prepare for their arrival is only half the battle. Maintaining a complaint facility and selecting a reputable laboratory partner that understands your safety and quality specifications, is also critical to your success.

Join us for a crash course in preparing for Health Canada inspections and meeting your ongoing compliance requirements.

Hosted by: Labstat & CannDelta

Micro Series: Licensing & Testing 101

Micro Series | Licensing & Testing 101

Becoming a Micro Cultivator or Processor is no small feat. With complex licensing processes, razor thin margins, and multiple strategic decisions to make along the way, you’re going to need a whole lot of patience and a little bit of help.

Join us for this interactive and informative webcast where you’ll get actionable intelligence from the industry’s leading licensing, regulatory, compliance and testing experts on how to set your business up for success.

Hosted by: Labstat & CannDelta

What’s In Your Vapour? Vape Testing 101

Learn about the emerging standards for cannabis vapour and oil testing, and how to develop market leading products, while mitigating risk.

Hosted by: Labstat

Considerations When Choosing a Lab

Learn what makes a successful laboratory partnership and how to identify the right lab for your business needs.

Hosted by: Labstat & Labs-Mart

Cannabis Testing: Method Validation 101

Develop a deeper understanding of analytical method validation and what to look for during lab audits and vendor qualification processes.

Hosted by: Labstat & Labs-Mart