Enzymes Testing

Regardless of whether your products are e-cigarettes (ENDS), e-liquids, e-vapor devices (ENDS), cigarettes, oral tobacco products, gels or tobacco free oral nicotine products, Labstat offers validated methods for every chemical on the FDA’s HPHC list (Harmful and Potentially Harmful Constituents). Our validation process is designed to meet regulatory standards to ensure that submitted data is reliable and defensible.

Enzyme Classification Assay
Acid Phosphatase Phosphatase HFU (Acid Phosphatase Activity Unit), FCC
Aminopeptidase, Leucine Peptidase LAP Activity, SIGMA
Amylase, alpha Carbohydrase CU (Ceralpha Unit), AACC Ceralpha Method
Amylase, alpha Carbohydrase CU (Ceralpha Unit), AACC Amylazyme Method
Amylase, alpha Carbohydrase SN (Stirring Number), AACC Rapid Visco Analyzer Method
Amylase, alpha Carbohydrase Amylograph Value, AACC
Amylase, alpha-, bacterial Carbohydrase BAU (Bacterial Amylase Unit), FCC
Amylase, alpha-, Nonbacterial Carbohydrase DU (alpha-Amylase Dextrinizing Unit), FCC
Amylase, beta- Carbohydrase Baker Unit, FCC
Amylase Inhibitor Amylase Inhibition Activity Phaseolamine Equivalence (PE)
Amyloglucosidase (Glucoamylase) Carbohydrase AGU (Amyoglucosidase Activity Unit)
Bromelain Protease PU (Papain Unit), FCC, USP
Catalase Carbohydrase Baker Unit, FCC
Cellulase Carbohydrase CU (Cellulase Unit), FCC
Chymotrypsin Protease USP CU (USP Chymotrypsin Unit)
Diastase Carbohydrase DP° (Diastic Power), FCC
Ficin Protease PU (Papain Unit), FCC
Galactonase, alpha- Carbohydrase GalU (Galactosidase Unit), FCC
Glucanase, beta- Carbohydrase BGU (beta-Glucanase Unit), FCC
Glucoamylase (Amyloglucosidase) Carbohydrase AGU (Amyoglucosidase Activity Unit)
Glucose Isomerase Isomerase GIcU (Glucose Isomerase Unit)
Glucose Oxidase Oxidoreductase GOTu (Glucose Oxidase Titrimetric Unit)
Glucosidase, beta-D- Carbohydrase IU, FCC
Hemicellulase Carbohydrase HCU (Hemicellulosae Unit), FCC
Invertase Carbohadrase INVU (Invertase Unit), FCC
Lactase, Acid Carbohydrase ALU (Acid Lactase Unit), FCC
Lactase, Neutral Carbohydrase NLU (Neutral Lactase Unit), FCC
Lipase Lipase LU (Lipase Unit), FCC
Malt Diastase Carbohydrase DP° (Diastic Power), FCC
Maltogenic Amylase Carbohydrase MANU (Maltogenic Amylase Unit)
Milk-Clotting Activity Test Enzymes Milk-Clotting Unit
Nattokinase Peptidase FU
Pancreatin Mixed carbohydrase, protease, and lipase Amylase Activity, USP Unit; Lipase Activity, USP Unit; Protease Activity, USP Unit
Papain Protease PU (Papain Unit)
Pectinase Mixture of Carbohydrases endo-PG (Endopolygalacturonase activity)
Pepsin Protease Pepsin Unit, FCC
Peroxidase Indicator of lipase inactivation Qualitative (positive or negative), AACC
Phospholioase A2 Lipase Phospholipase Unit, FCC
Phytase Phosphatase FTU (Fytase Unit), FCC
Plant Proteolytic Activity Test For plant protease PU (Papain Unit)
Polyphenol Oxidase (PPO) Polyphenol Oxidase A475 Readings, AACC
Proteolytic Activity Protease HUT (Hemoglobin Unit on the Tyrosin basis), AACC
Proteolytic Activity Test, Bacterial For bacterial protease PC (Bacterial Protease Unit), FCC
Proteolytic Activity Test, Fungal For fungal protease HUT (Hemoglobin Unit on the Tyrosin basis), FCC
Proteolytic Activity Test, Fungal (SAP) For fungal protease SAP (Spectrophotometric Acid Protease Unit)
Pullulanase Carbohydrase PUN (Pullulanase Unit)
Serratia Peptidase Peptidase SPU
Trypsin Protease USP Trypsin Unit, FCC, USP
Trypsin Inhibitor Activity Trypsin inhibitors TIU (Trypsin Inhibitor Unit), AACC
Urease Urease Urease Activity, AACC
Xylanase Activity Xylanase Xylanase Activity (Bailey 1992)
Yeast Activity, Gas Production n/a Gas production activity, AACC 89-01