Certified Group Corporate Responsibility Statement

Certified Group upholds high ethical standards and corporate responsibility throughout our network of 30+ locations across North America. A commitment to environmental, philanthropic, and economic responsibility while promoting the wellness of our colleagues and community members guides all our business activity.

Certified Group promotes environmental stewardship through recycling programs at our facilities, in addition to management processes that identify and eliminate waste in our supply chain to reduce environmental impact. We’re also adding electric vehicles to our courier fleet to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

We promote the quality of life of our colleagues and their families through competitive compensation and benefits, including health and wellness programs, tuition reimbursement, workplace safety initiatives, and frequent recognition of superior service. Military, fire, and police personnel can qualify to receive additional PTO as a reward for their service. Corporate life at Certified Group also includes frequent colleague appreciation and teambuilding events.

Certified Group companies have a long history of giving back to their local communities through blood drives, food drives, holiday toy drives, and additional events. We partner with local charities to help the homeless and others in needs throughout the year, in addition to sponsoring collegiate programs that support the next generation of scientists.

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) is paramount at Certified Group. The EHS team is committed to protecting the environment, health, and safety of our employees, contractors and the communities where we operate.