Taking Cannabis and Hemp Testing to Exciting New Horizons.

In the highly competitive cannabis flower and oil markets, obtaining accurate and reliable results is critical for developing safe, high quality products.

Medical patients and adult-use consumers rely on accurate labelling and detailed product data to make purchasing decisions. When you invest in comprehensive testing it deepens your brand value and builds consumer trust.

GMP-Certified & ISO 17025-Accredited to Protect Your Business and Your Customers

Whether you’re a cultivator analyzing batches of cannabis flower, a processor testing extracts and concentrates, or a formulator evaluating raw materials for your edibles and beverages, we’ve got you covered.

Using state-of-the-art technology our laboratories are managed by highly trained experts to ensure your results are accurate and on time, every time. Looking to cover your bases and get your products to market as swiftly as possible? Labstat’s routine testing protocols cover all of Health Canada’s mandatory cannabis testing, with market-leading turn-around times.

Interested in developing high value products sold at a premium? As about our advanced methodologies and cannabis testing protocols that help you differentiate your products in the crowded marketplace.

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The analytical methods we use have been validated and verified to be suitable for a range of matrices such as dry flower, oils and extracts, concentrates, e-liquids, and a variety of edibles and beverages.

Have Questions About Preparing Your Samples for Testing?

The product sample you provide is crucial in obtaining accurate test results.