In vitro Toxicology Testing

The World’s Leading Nicotine Containing Product In vitro Toxicology Testing laboratory.

Labstat is recognized as the world’s leading nicotine containing product in vitro toxicology testing laboratory.

Our Eyes are on the Future

We are witnessing a transformation in the way toxicology can be used to rapidly and cost effectively assess new and novel potentially reduced risk products. Labstat is now converting our traditional assays into high throughput rapid screening assays.

Scientific Leadership, Experience and Solutions to Support Our Clients Diverse Needs

Our in vitro toxicology program was started in the 1990s and has evolved to keep step with the industry’s rapidly changing technologies and regulatory environment. As a result, our scientific personnel have acquired the most extensive technical experience in the industry and have partnered with our clients to develop and execute testing strategies that meet the most complex product development and regulation driven challenges.

Our in-vitro toxicology services are the most comprehensive in the industry and have been adapted to evaluate the entire spectrum of nicotine consumer products:

Potentially Reduced Risk Products in vitro Toxicology

e-cigarettes vapor and e-liquids

Hybrid e-cigarette vapor

Nicotine Gum and Lozenges

Conventional Tobacco Products

Cigarette mainstream smoke and cigar mainstream smoke

Tobacco (contained in cigarettes and Reduced Risk Products)

Smokeless tobacco



Additives used in potentially reduced risk products

Tobacco and non-tobacco extracts used in nicotine containing products


Validated Toxicology Assays

Ames (Salmonella typhimurium TA98, TA100, TA102, TA1535, TA1537)

Neutral Red Uptake (validated cell lines: BALB/c 3T3, A549, CHO-WBL)

Mouse Lymphoma Assay (L5178Y TK+/- clone (3.7.2C))

Micronucleus (validated cell lines: TK6, V79, CHO)