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E-Cigarette Chemical and In-vitro Toxicology Testing

Applying the same scientific standards that we employ to other tobacco products, our Scientists have developed an extensive understanding of e-cigarette vapor and e-liquids.

  • We understand the need for breadth of scope and offer chemical and in-vitro toxicology testing of e-cigarette vapor and e-cigarette solutions;
  • We understand that many e-cigarettes differ in their design and delivery method. Consequently, providing reliable testing results often requires a unique approach to testing;
  • We understand that testing e-cigarette vapor and e-cigarette solutions presents challenges that are different than those associated with the analysis of emissions from conventional cigarettes often requiring specialized handling procedures and the modification of existing methods;
  • We understand the need to be flexible and to offer testing compliant to either GLP or ISO 17025; and
  • We understand that our clients have varying needs and have developed a collaborative approach in defining testing objectives and timelines.
E-Cigarette Analysis: Impact of Puff Frequency: Possible Driver? E-Cigarette Analysis: Trapping of Particulate Matter - Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality

As testing requirements for e-cigarettes become more challenging due to potential regulatory oversight, the ability to obtain reliable, defensible data in a timely fashion becomes even more critical. To that end, we can help you to determine the best testing and cost effective approach while ensuring the highest quality results.

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