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Labstat offers the most comprehensive e-cigarettes testing capabilities in the world. read more>
Labstat offers the full FDA Harmful and Potentially Harmful Compound list.
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Labstat is GLP (21 CFR Part 58) compliant. read more>

Labstat International Inc.

Established in 1976, Labstat is the largest independent third party testing company of nicotine containing products in the world supporting regulatory testing and research. Labstat tests all forms of nicotine containing products including e-cigarette liquids, vapours, cigarettes (mainstream and sidestream tobacco smoke), whole tobacco, snus and smokeless tobacco. Labstat is ISO 17025:2005 accredited and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) compliant.

Labstat's scope of services is extensive and cover the following areas:

Analytical Chemistry
Method Development

Quality of Science


• Global Leader in the Testing of Nicotine    Containing Products
• Unrivaled Scientific Expertise
• Investment in Advanced Technologies
• Rigorous Quality System
ISO 17025:2005 Accredited
GLP Compliant
137 Methods on Accredited Scope
• Over 90 Publications or Presentations    Related to Nicotine Containing Products


Quality of Service

  • Reliable & Defensible Data
• Capacity & Flexibility
• Timeliness of Results
• Continuity of Service
• Customer Driven & Focused


Cannabis Testing

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