Tobacco Heated Product Aerosol Testing

The World Leader in Heat-not-Burn Testing.

Recognized as the world’s leading Heat-not-Burn (Tobacco Heated Products) testing lab we offer the most comprehensive Heat-not-Burn chemistry, in-vitro toxicology and method development testing services in the industry.

Scientific Leadership, Experience and Solutions to Support Our Clients Diverse Needs

We have been testing Heat-not-Burn products since their introduction in the 1990s. We have evolved our testing capabilities as the technology evolves to ensure that we meet our client’s product design and regulatory needs while offering best in class scientific expertise.

Heat-not-Burn aerosol is a complex mixture and the ability to reliably generate heat-not-burn aerosol is as important as the quality of the methods themselves. The diversity of heat-not-burn devices and the challenges they can present are well known to our technical staff. Our experience allows us to quickly adapt to this diverse market to ensure consistent collection of the heat-not-burn aerosol in order to produce repeatable, reliable and defensible results.

Experienced FDA PMTA ENDS Regulatory and GMP Consulting Services

Are you preparing to submit your FDA PMTA ENDS application? Are you struggling with where to start, what to file and understanding risk? We will support you with an FDA PMTA ENDS application service that covers all aspects of the PMTA ENDS application process including application preparation and filing, product testing and GMP compliance. Learn more about PMTA ENDS Application consulting. Learn more about GMP Compliance consulting.

Tobacco Heated Product Aerosol Testing Services