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Mainstream Smoke
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Sidestream Smoke

Compound Group Compounds
Aromatic Amines 1-aminonapthlene 3-aminobiphenyl
  2-aminonapthlene 4-aminobiphenyl
Benzo(a)pyrene benzo(a)pyrene  
Carbon Monoxide CO  
Carbonyls acetaldehyde crotonaldehyde
  acetone formaldehyde
  acrolein methyl-ethyl-ketone
  butyraldehyde propionaldehyde
Hydrogen Cyanide Gas Phase Particle Phase
Mercury mercury  
Oxides of Nitrogen
nitric oxide nitrogen dioxide
Phenolics catechol hydroquinone
  m-cresol phenol
  o-cresol resorcinol
Polycyclic Aromatic 1-methylnaphthalene benzo(k)fluoranthene
2-methylnaphthalene chrysene
  acenaphthene dibenzo(a,h)anthracene
  acenaphthylene fluoranthene
  anthracene fluorene
  benzo(a)pyrene naphthalene
  benzo(b)fluoranthene perylene
  benzo(e)pyrene phenanthrene
  benzo(g,h,i)perylene pyrene
Semi-Volatiles pyridine quinoline
Smoke pH
Smoke pH  
Tar, Nicotine, CO Nicotine Total Particulate Matter
  PMWNF Water
  Puff Number  
Tobacco Specific NNK NAB
Nitrosamines NNN NAT
Trace Metals arsenic lead
  cadmium nickel
  chromium selenium
Volatiles 1,3-butadiene isoprene
  acrylonitrile styrene (GVP)
  benzene toluene
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