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Shipment Information

Please ship products (unless instructed otherwise) to:

Labstat International Inc.
50 Groff Place
Kitchener, Ontario
N2E 2L6

International Shipments

To ensure expedient delivery of your samples for testing, please follow the shipping instructions below. For further information contact clientservices@labstat.com.

  1. Prepare a commercial invoice;
  2. For Customs purposes all paperwork must include the declaration "For Test and Destruction Only";
  3. Include the name of Labstats customs broker, Russell Farrow, on all paperwork and on all shipping containers (boxes, skids, etc);
  4. The shipment is to be sent in bond to Canada Customs Kitchener; and
  5. E-mail the courier waybill to your Labstat contact.

Download: Instructions for shipping E-Liquids and E-Devices

Download: Instructions for shipping tobacco products

Download: Example Commercial Invoice

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