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Services Overview

Driven by quality of science and quality of service, Labstat is a leading full service contract laboratory dedicated to research, testing and analysis of nicotine containing products for regulatory reporting. Independently owned, Labstat serves the industry, federal and state governments, and university and private research interests worldwide.

Labstat offers its clients the option to conduct studies in GLP (21 CFR Part 58) or ISO 17025 environments.

Labstat's SOPs and infrastructure are compliant to GLP (21 CFR Part 58).  Labstat has made a significant investment in writing and enforcing GLP compliant SOPs that cover all aspects of Toxicology and Chemistry. 

Labstat is ISO 17025:2005 accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and currently has 147 test methods listed under Labstat’s Scope of Accredited Testing.

Our extensive quality management system and experienced team of Scientists combine to offer our clients accurate and dependable analytical data. Whether you require analyses of the entire Hoffmann list or Tar, Nicotine and CO for regulatory reporting, our flexible scheduling process and skilled team can deliver reliable data in a timely fashion.

We can accommodate all smoking regimes: ISO, Canadian Intense, Massachusetts, FTC or any specialized smoking requirement. Further, our Controlled Environment Rooms can accommodate multiple conditioning environments.

E-Cigarette Chemical and In-vitro Toxicology Testing

Applying the same scientific standards that we employ to other tobacco products, our Scientists have developed an extensive understanding of e-cigarette vapor and e-liquids.

  • We understand the need for breadth of scope and offer chemical and in-vitro toxicology testing of e-cigarette vapor and e-cigarette solutions;
  • We understand that many e-cigarettes differ in their design and delivery method. Consequently, providing reliable testing results often requires a unique approach to testing;
  • We understand that testing e-cigarette vapor and e-cigarette solutions presents challenges that are different than those associated with the analysis of emissions from conventional cigarettes often requiring specialized handling procedures and the modification of existing methods;
  • We understand the need to be flexible and to offer testing compliant to either GLP or ISO 17025; and
  • We understand that our clients have varying needs and have developed a collaborative approach in defining testing objectives and timelines.
E-Cigarette Analysis: Impact of Puff Frequency: Possible Driver? E-Cigarette Analysis: Trapping of Particulate Matter - Comparison of the effects of e-cigarette vapor and cigarette smoke on indoor air quality

As testing requirements for e-cigarettes become more challenging due to potential regulatory oversight, the ability to obtain reliable, defensible data in a timely fashion becomes even more critical. To that end, we can help you to determine the best testing and cost effective approach while ensuring the highest quality results.

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