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Mainstream Smoke
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In-Vitro Toxicology
In-Vitro Toxicology – Processed Tobacco
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In-Vitro Toxicology

Mainstream Smoke - Multiple Smoking Regimes
In Vitro Ames Reverse Gas Vapour Phase  
Mutagenicity (+S9, -S9) Particulate Phase  
(TA98, TA100, TA102, TA1535, TA1537, YG1021, YG1024, YG1026, and YG1029)    
In Vitro Chromosomal Aberrations Particulate Phase  
In Vitro Micronucleus Assay Gas Vapour Phase  
  Particulate Phase  
In Vitro Neutral Red Uptake Gas Vapour Phase Particulate Phase & Gas Vapour Phase
Assay (NRU) Particulate Phase  
  Gas Vapour Phase  
In Vitro Sister Chromatid Exchange Particulate Phase  
Mouse Lymphoma Assay    
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