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Labstat International Inc. is recognized worldwide as a centre of analytical excellence. We operate in a professional environment, using technologically advanced systems and analytical instrumentation. Labstat has a dedicated team of experienced professionals carrying out our business, from managing customer orders and inquiries to performing the analysis and reporting results. Our team works diligently to not only meet the expectations of our customers, but to consistently deliver beyond expectations.

We have set the highest standards for our service and people and are proud of the quality organization we are building. These standards are reflected in our MISSION STATEMENT which is our commitment to CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, INTEGRITY, QUALITY OF SCIENCE and QUALITY OF SERVICE.

Labstat International Inc. is committed to the fundamental principles of equal employment opportunity. We are committed to hiring highly qualified individuals with strong work ethics. We are proud of our diverse team of Scientists, Analysts, Technicians & Technologists, Instrumentation Specialists and Statisticians in our laboratory, as well as our strong administrative team, consisting of Quality Assurance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Health and Safety, Purchasing and Finance.

Our team of experts consists of several individuals with Doctorate, Masters and Undergraduate level degrees in such disciplines as Chemistry and Microbiology.


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