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Cigarette Filler

Compound Group Compounds
Acids 3-methyl valeric acid isovaleric acid
Ammonia ammonia  
Aromatic Amines 1-aminonapthlene 3-aminobiphenyl
  2-aminonapthlene 4-aminobiphenyl
Carbonyls formaldehyde  
Chloride chloride  
Eugenol eugenol  
Ethyl Carbamate
ethyl carbamate (urethane)
Free Base Nicotine Free Base Nicotine  
Humectants glycerol triethylene glycol
  propylene glycol  
Menthol menthol  
Nicotine Alkaloids anabasine nicotine
  anatabine nornicotine
Nicotine Content Total Moisture pH  
Nitrate nitrate  
Polycyclic Aromatic
1-methylnaphthalene benzo(g,h,i)perylene
Hydrocarbons 2-methylnaphthalene chrysene
  acenaphthene dibenzo(a,h)anthracene
  acenaphthylene fluoranthene
  anthracene fluorene
  benzo(a)anthracene indeno(1,2,3,-cd)pyrene
  benzo(a)pyrone naphthalene
  benzo(b)fluoranthene perylene
  benzo(e)pyrene phenanthrene
  benzo(k)fluoranthene pyrene
Polyphenols Chlorogenic Acid scopoletin
Reducing Sugars Reducing Sugars  
Semi-Volatiles acrylamide  
Tobacco Benzo(a)pyrene
Tobacco Moisture
Tobacco Nitrite nitrate  
Tobacco pH pH of a 10% weight/volume solution  
Tobacco Sorbic Acid sorbic acid (2,4-hexadienoic acid)  
Tobacco Sodium Propionate propionic acid sodium salt  
Tobacco Specific NNK NAB
Nitrosamines NNN NAT
Toxic Trace Metals aluminum manganese
  arsenic mercury
  beryllium molybdenum
  cadmium nickel
  chromium selenium
  cobalt strontium
  copper titanium
  iron tungsten
  lead zinc
Total Sugars Total Sugars  
Triacetin triacetin (glycerol triacetate)  
1,3-butadiene benzene
Volatile Nitrosamines N-nitrosodimethylamine - NDMA N-nitrosoethylmethylamine - NEMA
  N,N-Nitrosodibuthylamine - NDBA N-nitrosopiperidine - NPIP
  N-nitrosodiethylamine - NDEA N-nitrosopyrrolidine - NPYR
  N-nitrosodipropylamine - NDPA N-nitrosodiethanolamine - NDELA
  N-nitrosomorpholine - NMOR N-nitrosodiisopropanolamine - NDiPLA
  N-nitrosodiisopropylamine - NDiPA N-nitrososarcosine - NSAR
  N-nitrosdibenzylamine - NDBzA  
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